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Easy Day Training offers in home training, along with a private training studio located in Montrose, Colorado. Programming starts with an assessment and discussion of goals, and how to achieve those goals. Every client will have programs tailored specifically to their needs, wants and ability level. 

Along with mobile personal training, Easy Day Training has a private training studio for those who need to get out of the house, to begin or continue their healthy lifestyle endeavor.


The most important part of our body, from elite sports performcne, to maintaining independence for Activities of Daily Living (ADL) for seniors. Every session incorpates core and balance training, in able to ensure our clients achieve the highest well being.



Do you have an event on the horizon? Would you like to do a 5K, 10K, Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, walk a half or full marathon a wedding? You name it I will help you achieve it. Using researched and proven training methods, we can assist you attain your goals. 



We can plan an appropriate program for you at the gym or your home gym. We will educate you on proper form and progression to ensure not only success but also consistency and enjoyment. 



Mobile personal training. Qualified, personal trainer and equipment right at your doorstep. With time of the essence these days, let us bring safe, effective time sensative workouts to you. Have a home gym? Let us help teach you how to use it effectively, and design a program that best suits you. We cover the Montrose, Delta, Hotchkiss and Panoia areas.

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