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Hack Your Household Gym

There is no need for a gym membership, or to buy a gym’s worth of equipment. Let’s take a look at ways to turn your house into a personal gym, and what you can use as equipment. First and foremost, all you need is a small space. Just a few hundred square feet can be an excellent area, for example the spot in the garage for the car, the living room with any tables moved off to the side, an office, or even the backyard.

Exercise can be as easy of the calisthenics we all used in school; push-ups, body weight squats, jumping jacks, sit ups. You can perform the exercise in a circuit style where you choose three to five (however many you really want) and do them in secession, taking a break between sets. A fun way my wife and I have done in the past is to use 3x5 cards and dice to pick the day’s workout.

We used the dice to choose the number of exercises, sets, and repetitions. The 3x5 cards had the exercise written on them and were choose at random in a mixed pile.

The exercises use the body and/or whatever equipment you have at your disposal. We would do this a couple times a week to break the routine. Somedays were easy with only a couple exercises, a couple of reps and sets, but that is ok you do not need to go 100% for an hour every time you exercise.

What can you use at home? Here is a list of ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Gallon jugs with water (1 gallon of water =8.34 lbs) (5 gallon bucket)

  • Curls, presses, squats, squat press, farmer walks etc…

  • Chair

  • Dips, pushups (elevated with chair against a wall or stable surface)

  • Stairs / Step

  • Step ups, calf raises, lunges, elevated/decline pushups, running up/down

  • Laundry hamper

  • Filled with books, other item of weight, deadlifts, bent over row

  • Paper plate / Towel

  • Use on carpet for mountain climbers, lateral lunge / Towel for hardwood

  • Wall

  • Wall squats

This is not an extensive list, but definitely an eye opening list to the possibilities, to great health and $0 spent!!!!! The idea is get creative, and get out of a routine. When we are trying to get healthy, activities can get mundane and eventually can lead to falling off the band wagon.

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