"When I first met Alex eight months ago, I was a wreck physically. Due to overtraining and a lack of knowledge regarding diet and stretching, I was suffering from multiple injuries, which  ranged from my back, shoulders, ankles and even forearms.  My attempts at physical therapy had produced little to no relief, but things began to change after a few weeks training . Alex always arrived with a genuine desire to help not only me, but his other clients that I encountered. His daily positive attitude and depth of understanding in regards to the proper techniques for training has been the catalyst I have needed for my recovery. As I write this, I am not only injury free, but much stronger than I have been in years! Going in to each session, I can always expect Alex to be energetic and welcoming, mixing humor with intentional conversation throughout the workout. While he does push each of his clients to higher standards, he is never overbearing or harsh in this pursuit. My quality of life is much higher now than it has been in a very long time, and I owe it to Alex."


-Dustin C., 23 

“Alex is a total professional. He knows his stuff! Working with him has exceeded my expectations.


Never having been in a gym at age 63, it is thrilling to have transformed from basically no core strength to testing in the above average range for my age group on the physical assessment in nearly every area. Alex’s keen awareness of my learning style and his respectful and well planned use of our time together has worked steadily and changed my strength, balance, posture and endurance.


I love the changes in how my body looks and feels, but I love the change in my thinking and mental strength the most.


Alex pushes me hard and has taught me how to push myself hard. He believes in my abilities and has taught me to believe in them, too. I feel the pride he has in me when I reach a new goal and he celebrates with me and for me. I work very hard but we always have so much fun when we’re working together.


Every workout is just as hard as my very first workout with Alex! There is nothing easy about  “Easy Day Training,” but I never mind going to my sessions.


Alex is just a great trainer….great coach…and a great guy. I feel so lucky that he is my coach because he is the BEST!”



-Diane B.,  63 

When I first met Alex, his love and passion for health and fitness was very obvious. With a great attitude and an energy which is contagious, I knew right away that I was in caring yet professional hands!


Alex makes each and every workout challenging yet fun, while always precisely tailored to my individual needs and fitness level. I have never worked with a Personal Trainer before, and after 3 months I am truly amazed at my newfound physical strength, the tone and definition as my body changes, and my self confidence is out the roof!! I am beyond pleased with the results, and feel so fortunate to have Alex as my PT as well as my friend!


-Kay M., 58

I am a 70 year old women who has been working out on and off for years. I was "off " and wanting to get started again when I heard about Alex through a friend. She was very enthusiastic about Alex and the positive changes that were happening to her physique since she started her workouts with him.  I can say exactly the same thing. Alex comes to my house where I have a small workout room and twice a week we do a variety of exercises that have made a huge difference in the way I look and feel. Alex is enthusiastic, well trained, serious and cares about making a difference with his clients. I could not recommend him more if you are serious about becoming stronger and feeling better about yourself'.

-Nancey H., 70

Alex is a terrific personal trainer who is highly attuned to the client's needs, strengths, and limitations. I always come away from workouts refreshed and invigorated and have never experienced any injury. He provides a wide variety of different exercises in a fun yet challenging format. I look forward to each session and have recommended him to several of my family practice patients.

Dr. Dave O., 61

I met Alex 2 years ago because my current trainer no longer fit me into her schedule and suggested Alex. That turned out to be a blessing.


My experience with a gym or workout was a waste because I did not know how to use the equipment for me and I was just guessing at what I was supposed to do.


Alex has a different approach to how he works with you. It is never the same routine when I show up. I have gained strength and muscle without knowing I was. Alex has a way of turning working out into fun without the pain that comes with a workout afterwards. His knowledge of what you need is very personal and he changes the workout according to what I feel I am experiencing.


It does not take long to feel better and stronger in his approach and the way he does work with your body and what your body needs.


Alex, is fun and comes with a lot of energy that when you walk in you are glad you are there. We all know how hard it is to get there….tons of excuses….Not with Alex.



Amy P., 59

Alex is a safe and effective personal trainer. After evaluating your strength and fitness level, he will personalize the workout to meet your individual needs. He is enthusiastic about helping you to accomplish your fitness goals. He is also friendly and personable, and a great addition to our Western Slope Personal Trainer community!

Shirley O., 55

My experience with Alex is that he is competent, fun, encouraging, kind, effective, accepting, and professional. I believe that one of our shared goals as personal trainers is whole body health. Physical fitness is just one part of the mind, body, heart and spirit health that we seek. Alex works towards this personally and that is an example.


-Mary P.,  60

If you want a personal trainer who has a great, positive personality and will customize a training program to fit your wants, needs and abilities, then I highly recommend Alex Ganskow of Easy Day Training.


I came to see Alex after a year of post-op physical therapy for several knee surgeries left me unable to bend my knee much and far weaker then I had ever imagined to be. Alex took the time to assess my limited mobility and create a plan to help me regain strength and motion. After working with him for several sessions, I noticed I was becoming stronger; nearly a year later, I am doing things I thought would be impossible in my condition.


Alex’s studio is light, cheerful and has a great view of the San Juan’s. His upbeat personality in combination with extensive knowledge in body mechanics and nutrition make in a terrific option for anyone looking for a personal trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals.


-Robyn S., 49 

My doctor recommended Alex at Easy Day Training. Having sever RA and recovering from a fractured bone in my leg I needed help to get some strength and mobility back. I used a cane to walk and stairs were nearly impossible for me to negotiate. Short distance was all I could manage. With Alex’s extensive knowledge of the working of the human body and positive attitude for training, I have my mobility back.


Alex is very energetic and trains with positive reinforcement. His knowledge of muscles, tendons and body movement is exceptional. He works well with older folks and his communication skills are great.

After 5 months with two half hour sessions per week and exercise at home I met a big goal. I was able to WALK the Denver Airport concourses for a trip to see family. In November, I will be elk hunting with my husband! Alex has my highest recommendation, and a very special thank you.

-Barb B., 71


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